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"We found professional, capable and caring help there."

– Susan McCarthy

Another driver ran a red light and nearly T - boned my car, totaling it and leaving me with several cracked ribs. Even though mine was a relatively small case, Cioffi Law accepted the case and worked diligently and comprehensively on my behalf. Andrew and his team provided a high level of competence along with excellent communication, resulting in a favorable settlement. While I hope to never need such services again, I would immediately contact Cioffi Law if I did
David Miller
I would like to give thanks and gratitude to Mr. Andrew Cioffi and the Law Firm in helping me and my son during a very difficult time in our lives. In May of 2017 my son was attacked by a pitbull in our neighborhood. I went online to research local law yers that were experienced in cases like this. Out of the 5 lawyers that I reached out to, Mr. Andrew was the first and only one that responded and seemed interested in hearing my story. The fact that he responded to my email on a weekend gave me a feeling of relief
Angelique Shipman
Todd and I want to thank you both for all you did in successfully representing us in our legal case. We appreciate the professionalism, hard work and integrity with which our case was handled. Your personal case and concern throughout the process was also deeply felt and meant very much to us. We wish you all the best and continued success in the future.
Laurie and Todd
We want to thank you for everything ! Thank you for taking our case. Thank you for standing by us during our most difficult time. Thank you for your perfect judgment. Thank you for obtaining a settlement that grants us great relief and security.
Tim Harvey and Marilyn Sommers
Many thanks for what you did for us regarding our accident. It was greatly appreciated. Please accept this small token gift and enjoy a happy holiday to you and your family.
John and Darlene
The first thing that Andrew said to me when I walked in his office was "I wish you weren't here, because I wish this terrible accident had never happened to you." From the very beginning, the entire Cioffi Law team prioritized my health and well - being above all else. They were excellent lawyers, getting us the maximum compensation available, while making me and my family feel comfortable and informed throughout the settlement process. I have, and will continue to, recommend them to anyone who needs a pe rsonal injury lawyer in the RTP area
Sloan Tilley


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