Andrew Cioffi

Managing Partner

Belinda Wiggins

Paralegal/Business Manager

A brief overview of our experience

Andrew and Belinda have worked in the same law firms for over thirty years. Together, they have over sixty years of experience helping people who have been injured or who need legal help.


Andrew starts Cioffi Law Firm, so he can focus on select clients and cases that will benefit from the firm’s experience and skills.

Andrew and Belinda continue their roles with Smyth and Cioffi law firm.

Andrew joins Thompson, Smyth and Cioffi as a partner. Belinda joins the firm, as officer manager and paralegal.


Andrew becomes a partner in the firm. Belinda becomes a paralegal. Later, she becomes office manager.

Andrew joins Donald Solomon PA in Raleigh, NC, to run the personal injury section of the firm. Belinda is a secretary in the firm.

Andrew Becomes a partner in the firm

After graduating from law school (American University, Washington, DC) Andrew begins practice with Jim Ramsey, in Roxboro, NC.



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